Goodbye Nail Biting With Gellae

Goodbye Nail Biting With Gellae

Stop nail biting at its tracks – why does Gellae work so well for nail biters? 

We’re done with bitter nail biting polishes and short-term deterrents. Here is our solution to restoring your nail health.


Nail biters, we see you.

Chronic nail biting – a universal experience that many around the world share. In fact, up to 30 per cent of the general population share this experience and struggle to stop this compulsive, nibbling behaviour. Nail biting and nail damage can be extremely frustrating to experience, and at times imbue a sense of guilt or embarrassment. But don’t worry – we’re here to say that we’ve seen it all and we’ve been through it, too! 

“I’d literally never had nice nails in my life, and they were so weak that any time I managed to grow them out a little they’d just break and I’d end up biting them off again.” – Gellae Bae Steph Mandarano on her experience with nail biting


Why do we bite our nails?

The impulse to nail bite stem from a varied number of reasons, and are different across every individual:

  • Occupying oneself when feeling impatient, frustrated or bored,
  • Regulating feelings of anxiety or stress,
  • Absentmindedly biting during times of concentration and focus,
  • Or maybe even as a manner of regulating a mental health condition.

(The reasons for why you may personally nail bite may be different to another’s, and, if severe, may be worth a discussion with trusted professionals too!)

When nails are exposed to prolonged damage from chronic biting, we may experience:

  • Weaker, brittle nails (and it also means our teeth experience damage too!)
  • Abnormal-looking and shorter nail beds
  • Pain and soreness
  • Weaker cuticles and skin around nails

How do Gellaes work?

So, let’s chat about our gel nail technology. Our nail stickers are real gel polish, semi-cured in sticker form. That means that they’re flexible, stretch and very easy to apply. We know that your nails are different to everyone else’s, and so the sticker form helps ensure that you get the best fit at home! 

Simply peel the sticker, stick on your natural nails, and cure it under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Under the lamp, the gel layer forms a resilient barrier that safeguards your nails from being bitten, helping you break the cycle of nail biting and nail breakage. No more nibbling!  



With proper application, Gellaes can be a powerful solution to restoring your nail health. They can last up to two or four weeks, providing you with almost a month’s worth of nail growth and healing. Soon, you’ll be saying your goodbyes to brittle nails.



“Have been using gellae since Jan this year and have to say I absolutely love them. Some times I change them just for the sake of it because the designs are so cute and I love having fresh nails. 
I have tried other brands before this and have stuck to only gellae since the first time I tried them. 😍
They easily last me 2-3 weeks every time and never chip or lift on me I’ve only ever changed them after that long due to the growth
Can’t wait to see more new cute designs in the future! 💖” - Gellae Bae Dannielle Zonnevold

Why choose Gellae?

Gellaes are the best, affordable option in strengthening your nails, and they’re standing out across the market for many reasons. Even though traditional acrylic nails may deter nail biting, nail damage is still commonplace upon removal, leaving your natural nails weakened and neutralised. Meanwhile, stop-and-grow products fail to provide a lasting solution, and can easily wash off with regular hand washing. We know (and have lived through) all these concerns, which is why Gellae comes up top compared to others. As they last up to two to four weeks, they are a cost-friendly, convenient solution to nail care and nail biting deterrents.  

But not only are Gellaes extremely effective in preventing nail damage, but they are a testament to the fact that you don’t need to sacrifice beauty or practicality for the other! Gellaes are here to boost your confidence, leaving you worry-free from potential damage that your nails may experience, or from the potential to relapse! Our designs help you feel confident that you have nothing to worry about. 

Most importantly, they help aid the recovery process of your nails. By protecting a resilient layer over your nails, gellaes provide your nails a chance to grow intact, facilitating better growth and restoration after experiencing various forms of nail damage.


Our Gellae Baes are living their nail healing era!

You may be wondering why we strongly advocate for our nail stickers. Well, our Gellae Baes gives us every reason to be confident that you can trust in Gellae! Our wonderful customers have experienced incredible growth and nail restoration, being able to finally see progress from years of nail biting. 


“Just wanted to share and say thank you to Gellaes for helping me to fight my 21 year long nail biting habit! Unfortunately I am someone that suffers with anxiety and so I have always had short nails and chewed skin around them. Having gel on my nails has given me a barrier to stop me biting them, and after 2 months they are so long and healthy. My main piece of advice for anyone struggling with this habit is that as soon as you find yourself chewing or peeling off a gellae, put a new one on ASAP! Having my nails exposed makes me really vulnerable to biting subconsciously/impulsively. Thank you!!! I’ve also included a photo of my nails at their longest point - wearing the hailey donut Gellaes ofc!” – Gellae Bae Emily Langmair



“For all those nail biters out there I see you. This has been my gellae journey so far. I’m a chronic nail biter down to a horrible level. Pic 1 is about 10 days of growth from my baseline (just using a clear polish to help thicken). The next pics are the 4 times I’ve applied gellae, with my nails growing to about twice the length since I started.” – Gellae Bae Isabella Davis

We’re proud that our Gellae Bae Nail Community on Facebook Groups boasts over 3K members and is filled with hope and confidence. As a place for great chats as well as a hub for latest updates and launches of our work, our group exchanges helpful tips and tricks on how to beat nail biting once and for all.

“At the start of my Gellae journey I used tips ( I only paid $5 for a box of 100 at Kmart). It's been 6 weeks and as a nail biter from childhood, I'm soooooo bloody happy with what I have now. Best product with amazing results! These are now my natural nails xxx” – Gellae Bae Mish Ettridge

Nail biting shouldn’t bring you down. Get started on your Gellae journey to finally end nail biting!

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