The Gellae Difference - Why you’ll choose gellaes over other nail products!

The Gellae Difference - Why you’ll choose gellaes over other nail products!

The Gellae Difference - Why you’ll choose gellaes over other nail products!

Trust us, you’ll ditch the other nail products once you find out why. 

Gel nail what now?!

If you’ve fallen into the gel nail rabbit hole, you may know that there are so many nail product offerings in the business. And you may have a billion questions like, “what does semicured mean?!”, “what are UV gel nail stickers?!”, “what does gel nail stickers even mean?!” and “where are the TikTok nails coming from?!” 

We get it - your head must have exploded a while ago. But don’t worry - we know that it must be confusing, and so we’re here to set things straight and get your questions answered.


What are semicured gel nail wraps? Why are they so popular?

Semicured gel nail stickers are the latest in nail technology. Think salon grade gel nail polish but in sticker form! With it you can have gorgeous gel nails at home for a fraction of the cost without the nail damage and long dry times.

The gel polish is 60% cured which makes them flexible, stretchy and very easy to apply. Simply peel the sticker, stick on your natural nails and cure it under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. It'll harden to the shape of your nails and there's 20 nail stickers to fit most nail sizes. They don't require soaking off as they have an adhesive back that makes it easy for you to gently lift them off your nails. 

And if that isn’t clear enough, here some key reasons why they’ve been a massive craze the last couple of years:


Gel nail stickers are a much affordable solution to getting your nails done compared to booking a salon appointment. As nail salon appointments would cost $50 or upwards, it can be a costly self-care experience to have as frequent as every month. Gel nail wraps have been the best way to get that perfect nail glam at almost one-third of the cost, which is always a win in our books!


It can be really disappointing when self-care rituals like getting your nails done are postponed or immediately dismissed because they take a huge amount of time out of your day or week. No more making appointments, getting to the salon and spending hours in a chair. Gel nail stickers are the perfect fix to have salon-worthy nails in as little as 10 to 20 minutes. They’re easy to apply at the convenience and comfort of your own home, so you can do your nails worry-free!

On top of that, they have a quicker drying time compared to nail polish, which means that you’re getting that extra level of efficiency and convenience if you’re on the go. All you need is a UV/LED lamp to cure and harden your gellae nail stickers, a nail clipper to cut them and a nail filer to shape them!

Reduces nail damage

How many nail breakage horror stories can you recall from personal experience or from listening to friends? Too many to count, that’s for sure! Gel nail wraps take care of that by reducing the nail damage you may get from acrylic nails or any other nail products. The thin layer of durable gel acts as a protective layer, preventing nails from breaking easily and promoting healthier nail growth over time. Your nails will be safe and protected from the moment you apply it to the moment you remove it. 


So let’s put Gellae to the test:

How long do Gellaes last compared to other nail products?

When applied correctly, Gellaes are a sturdy companion for almost anything. They can last up to 2 to 4 weeks, and at times last over a month. Our customers have experienced it all - gardening, heavy duty shifts at work, and more! Our Gellae Bae Nail community on Facebook has been the go-to place to share helpful tips with one another to make Gellaes last (and is also the perfect place to flaunt your nails!), with tips and tricks ranging from how to perfect the gel nail application to what styles are best for any exciting occasion.

This knocks nail polish solutions and press on nails right out of the park! As nail polish may easily chip and fade overtime, and press on nails only last for perhaps a week before they pop off your nail, our Gellaes truly stand the test of time. Many of our Gellae Baes note that the only few times it would last so short is so that they can try on another design! 

It’s truly all in the technique, and this technique is incredibly simple. Take a look to see how we apply it (and enjoy a moment of peace with our ASMR application videos!) 

Will Gellaes damage my nails compared to other nail products?

As a whole, gel nail wraps don’t damage your natural nails from application to removal (which is a huge plus compared to salon nails or press-ons, which can have gnarly, painful experiences in small incidents and upon removal). In fact, our Gellaes are also the perfect solution to strengthening your nails. If you have weaker nails that break easily, or are a nail biter who’s looking for something to protect your nails, you have to know that Gellaes form a resilient layer above your nail that keeps your nail from breaking. On top of that, our Gellaes will afford you the time and space for your nails to heal and grow in a matter of weeks!

Our Gellae Baes have shared with us about why they’ve ditched gross-tasting nail biting polishes and their acrylics for our nail stickers, and it’s truly because our Gellaes offer that extra touch of protection and comfort to protect their nails, while also not sacrificing on having gorgeous beautiful designs at their fingertips. 

It really comes down to being gentle with your nails upon removal. We recommend following our removal instructions carefully to avoid any nail damage!

Will Gellaes fit the shape and size of my natural nails compared to other nail products?

We have to let you in on a super cool hack - our gel nail wraps are stretchy and flexible so you can have a gel nail experience completely tailored to your natural nails! You can stretch them to make them longer or wider to fit your nail bed. Once cured, it then hardens to the shape of your nails...completely customised to your nail shape and size!

This is a huge win for us compared to other nail products, as it can be difficult to find the perfect press on nail size, and it can be increasingly pricey to find the right sizes for your nail shape. 

So what do you think? Ready to put Gellae to the test?

If you’re ready to start your gel nail journey, check out our starter kit that comes with a free UV lamp and our all our gorgeous designs to glam your nails!

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