What are Gellae Semicured nail stickers?

What are Gellae Semicured nail stickers?

So…how do Gellae Gel Nail Stickers actually work?

Long-lasting nails?! Tell me more!

Have you heard of gel nail stickers or gel nail wraps? You must have heard a thing or two (otherwise you wouldn’t be here with us!) about this exciting new technology that has been changing the self-care and DIY nail landscape. This dynamic nail technology has been going viral all across the Internet, being hailed as one of the best solutions to having long-lasting nails!

Welcome to Gellae - the highest reviewed and most reputable gel nail sticker brand in Australia, helping tens of thousands achieve beautiful, healthy nails at home! We’re here to walk you through all of the technical steps on how they actually work and clarify all of the confusing parts about gel nail stickers. 

What are gel nail stickers?

Think gel nail stickers as gel nail polish in sticker form. That’s actually how they’re made! They’re made of real gel nail polish, and are cured sixty per cent of the way. As such, this semicured state makes them stretchy and malleable to stretch out to your natural nails’ shape. They’re incredible, salon quality nails all at a fraction of the cost to get your nails done. All you have to do is peel them off the sticker sheet, place them onto your nail and cure them with UV light for sixty seconds. After that, you can trim the excess and file it to your natural nails! How easy is that?! 

Gel nail stickers are the perfect fix to have salon-worthy nails in as little as 10 to 20 minutes. They’re easy to apply at the convenience and comfort of your own home, so you can do your nails worry-free!


From soft, gel stickers to hardened designs - we’re here to break it down


So let’s start off at the fun part. As we’ve mentioned before, they start off in a sheet consisting of semicured gel nail stickers. You can stretch these stickers to fit your natural nail shape, and trim the excess for another round of manicure. You can simply save the excess by placing them on your other nail or back onto the sticker sheet (which, by the way, helps you save some extra bucks!).

  • Be gentle while stretching them out to retain quality and vibrance of the gel nail polish designs. 
  • There are actually a few layers that make up a gel nail sticker: Carrier, Medical Adhesive Layer, Gloss Oil Layer, Colour Layer, Gel Layer and Varnish Layer.

When all of the gellae nail stickers have been applied, we’ll need to cure it all the way to harden the sticker to the shape of your nails. Inside all gel nail polishes, including Gellae gel nail stickers, are these special molecules called photoinitiators - these molecules have to undergo UV light to polymerize (or harden). After curing your nail stickers underneath UV light for a minute, you’ll see that your nail stickers will begin to take shape! This process is relatively harmless and will might give you a warm sensation around your fingertips as it cures and hardens the nails.

And voila! You’re off to the next stage - filing them down to your natural nails! Our starter kits provide a nail filer that you can use to shape your gel nails. 

Can Gellae gel nail stickers be used as extensions?

You must be wondering why we recommend trimming your gel nail wraps to the length and shape of your natural nails, and if these gel nail stickers can be used as nail extensions. 

While gellaes act as a durable layer of gel on your natural nails, and can last up to four weeks, they are simply not as strong as acrylic nails and could break, bend or lift, if extended! Gellaes are not made to be nail extensions, and when placed under immense pressure, gel nail stickers will bend and cause early lifting.

Despite this, our Gellae nail stickers are showing to have incredible results of long-lasting life! Our Gellae Bae Nail Community are constantly raving about how their gel nail stickers have been with them through thick and thin, only needing to change them after two to four weeks, and sometimes even longer! 

So what are we thinking? If you’re ready to give gel nail stickers a try, check out our starter kit to get all of the tools you need for a perfect nail application, like a nail filer, wooden cuticle stick and a free UV lamp!


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