Winter Nail Trends

Winter Nail Trends

As Winter slowly rolls in, I’m sure that life has become a little bit more chillier! We’ve prepared a Winter nail trend report just for you so that you can update your nails with a fresh set that will have you beaming with confidence and glam. Check out our top 3 fave nail looks that have been receiving lots of love around the world.

💙 Chrome Nails!

If you’re looking for an exciting and vibrant look to spice up your winter, then your best bet is chrome! It’s perfect for lovers of both minimalist and bold looks because it’s all about the colour you choose with your chrome look. This nail look suits both short and long nails and are the perfect accessory to ensure you feel put together. If you love minimalist styles, pick a neutral or light colour. And if you prefer a dashing, deeper look, aim for darker colours! Check out our chrome looks to get started. 

🦋 Swirly Patterns!

The swirls are all the rage this season! Try elevating your classic french tip looks with a little bit of swirls. This type of pattern is both fantastic for short and long nails, and provides you great customisation features that are perfect for any style. Try out our Groovy Baby gellaes, Midnight Snow gellaes and Groovy Yin Yang Swirls gellaes!

💎 Metallic Features!

Adding metallic colours like silver or gold to your nail design is a creative way to level up your nail glam. We’ve been seeing silver and metallic designs in both fashion and nail looks, and we think that it’s a stylish way to revamp what was previously considered quite masculine. Have fun with this design - vary up your nail look with metallic strokes or polka dots. Imagine even a metallic snowflake! Ugh, we’re obsessed! Start with our Metallic Pink Polka Dot gellaes for a cute and fun look.

(P.S. we think polka dots are the next thing to trend - you heard it here first!) 

🧊 Glazed and Glitter Looks!

These nail looks are a charming all-rounder for everyone. These nail designs look fantastic with sharper-shaped nails and are fantastic for lovers of long nails. Perfect for a fun yet bold first impression, glazed and glitter nail looks speaks volume to your energetic personality and charming wit. Our recommendations are our White Hailey Glazed gellaes and our Ocean Blue Sparkles.

❄️ Upcoming Winter Collection! ❄️

We’re in the midst of preparing our exciting Winter Collection for your next nail refresh - we hope you love them when we launch them on 13 June. We’ll be posting sneak peeks of the collection on our Facebook group, where you can also drop in your NAME SUGGESTIONS! 

Our Gellae Baes Community Group is a wholesome community where we flaunt our gellae pics, while also sharing our tips on breaking the cycle on nail biting, nail damage and more. You’ll get the best advice from seasoned Gellae Baes on how to get the most out of your gellaes. Join our FB group and keep your eyes peeled for when we soft launch them. 


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