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Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen & Gellae Nail Remover

Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen & Gellae Nail Remover

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What's Included?

1 x Cuticle Oil Pen 3ml



Indulge in our nourishing Cuticle Oil, a luxurious blend enriched with an array of vitamins and natural ingredients. Formulated with Grapeseed Oil, Organic Calcium, and an infusion of Vitamins A, D, and B-5, this formula promotes healthy nail growth, strengthens cuticles, and repairs dry skin. Plus, experience the added convenience of effortless Gellae Gel Nail Sticker removal, making it a dual-function hero for your nail care needs.

How to use

Twist the pen to release the nourishing oil, then gently brush it onto your nails and cuticles. After application, massage the oil into each nail and surrounding skin for around 1 minute to fully enjoy its benefits. For optimal outcomes, integrate this daily routine into your nail care regimen.”

Effortless gellae sticker removal

Simply lift the sticker, glide the brush underneath, and apply the oil to gently loosen the adhesive. Then gently lift the sticker off the nails.”



Grapeseed Oil, Amino Acids, BHA, Natural Keratin, Organic Calcium, Safflower Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Sesame Oil, Vitamin B-5, Silk Protein, Natural Pan Phenol, Thymol & Methyl Glucose Ether.


    Is this your first time trying gel nail stickers aka gellaes? We've got a Starter Kit with a FREE UV Lamp to get you started!


    Semicured gel nail stickers are the latest in nail technology. Think salon grade gel nail polish but in sticker form! With it you can have gorgeous gel nails at home for a fraction of the cost without the nail damage and long dry times.

    The gel polish is 60% cured which makes them flexible, stretchy and very easy to apply. Simply peel the sticker, stick on your natural nails and cure it under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. It'll harden to the shape of your nails and there's 20 nail stickers to fit any nail size. They don't require soaking off as they have an adhesive back that makes it easy for you to gently lift them off your nails. 

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    Will this damage my nails?

    No, gellaes are safe, non-toxic, HEMA free and made with salon grade gel polish. The cured gel serves as an additional layer of protection, strengthening the nails from breakage and biting.

    The gellae technology allows for an easy, non-damaging removal process. Just loosen the adhesive with nail polish remover or our cuticle oil remover and gently lift the gellae off your nail!

    Can I use gellae as extensions?

    No, our gellae nail stickers are not intended for use as extensions; rather, they are designed to provide a thin layer of durable gel on natural nails.

    Unlike acrylics, gellaes are not as rigid, making them unsuitable for extension purposes.

    They are designed to be applied to the natural nail length, molding to its shape upon curing without the risk of popping off.

    How long do gellae manicures last?

    With proper nail prep and application, gellaes should last 2 weeks or more, sometimes over a month!

    Just make sure to not stick it on any skin or cuticle.

    How many manicures can I get out of a pack?

    A pack of gellaes includes 20 gellae stickers, which on average makes for 1-2 manicures!

    BIG TIP: if you have shorter nails, you can cut a sticker in half and stick it on two nails!

    Do I have to cure with a UV lamp?

    Yes! Gellaes are made of real gel polish so you'll need to cure it under a UV/LED lamp so it hardens to the shape of your nails.

    Our portable UV/LED lamp is free in our starter kit!

    More FAQs?

    More questions that need answering? Check out our FAQ page!