Collection: Winter Collection

Introducing our cozy and winter-inspired gel nail designs! Experience the enchantment of Midnight Glamour, a black base adorned with delicate pearl detailing and a pattern that's reminiscent of a starry winter night. Dive into the depths of cosiness with Royal Purple, a regal shade that captures the essence of a winter twilight. Indulge in the serene beauty of Blue Lagoon, a royal blue hue that evokes the peacefulness of a frozen lake. Embrace the richness of Maroon Merlot, reminiscent of a warm glass of mulled wine on a cold winter evening. And finally, wrap yourself in the comforting allure of Sweet Cherry, a darker cherry shade that adds a touch of coziness to your nails. These winter-inspired designs will bring a cozy and stylish vibe to your manicure this season.